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Weight loss acupuncture

Are you looking for an effective and healthy way to lose weight? Are you having difficulties shedding those extra weight?

Acupuncture for weight loss is what you need.

Have you ever wondered why:


  • As a child you were able to binge eat without gaining weight, whereas now, you don’t seem to eat much but are putting on weight?

  • You are doing your exercise and eating right, but you are unable to lose weight?

  • You quickly put the weight back after you stop dieting?

  • You crave for food, especially sweets, all the time?


If any of the above applies to you,  we have the solution!


Acupuncture has been proven to be an effective and healty way to lose weight. According  to several studies, weight loss acupuncture was shown to:


  • Increase the metabolic rate, causing the body to burn the nutrients more effectively.

  • Restores the hormonal imbalance, which is essential for the weight loss.

  • Effectively suppress the cravings, by releasing certain neuro-transmitters, to help you get your diet under control, preventing you from binging on food, if you’re an impulsive eater, or stop you from overeating if you tend to eat, even when you feel full.


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