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Cupping Therapy in Auckland

cupping therapy Auckland

Cupping Therapy in Auckland


Cupping therapy or suction cup therapy is a form of treatment in which cups are placed on specific locations of the skin. Therapists do this to create suction or vacuum inside the cup that encourages healing of a broad ranges of medical ailments, loosening of the muscles and sedation of the nervous system.




In this guide to clinic treatment, Hippocrates recommended cupping therapy to manage a myriad of illnesses. Cupping therapy is not practiced exclusively in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ancient Egyptians, American Indians, early Greeks and other Asian and European countries used variations of this treatment, spreading it across generations.




Cupping has an array of benefits. It can remove toxins from the body and stimulate the flow of blood and Qi to the affected area and throughout the body. It is proven effective to patients with back and muscle pain, colds, migraines, fatigue, poor circulation, fevers, allergies and other kinds of illnesses.




At AcuPhysioHealth, you can trust us to take all the necessary precautions and provide a safe and effective treatment. If you think cupping may be right for you, feel free to consult one of our therapists. Based in Manurewa, we can provide cupping therapy for other Auckland patients.





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