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Tuina (Deep tissue massage)

deep tissue massage on back

Things are not quite the same when you turn 35. Regardless of your lifestyle – whether you are an office worker or a professional athlete – your neck, back and shoulders become more prone to pain and injury. One effective way to look after your health and wellbeing at this point is through massage therapy.


Health Benefits of Massage Therapy


Massage therapies offer benefits beyond a simple, relaxing me-time. As proven by many studies, they provide a great number of physical and mental health benefits that make them significant in the medical sense.


Improves Posture - Ageing and/or lifestyle changes can affect your posture by making you slouch over the years. Therapeutic massage can reinforce natural movements, restoring your normal, healthier posture.


Improves Flexibility – Moreover, aging tends to cause our joints to tighten, restricting our range of motion. Massage therapy can help your joints stay fluid, making you more flexible and less predisposed to pain and injuries.


Relieves Daily Stress – Massage therapies, particularly Deep Tissue massage, are known to normalise heart rate and lower stress hormone levels, which improves mood and boosts relaxation.


Improves Blood Circulation – Massage creates a pressure that moves blood through congested areas, causing new blood to flow in and improving bodily functions.


Improves Breathing – Too much stress and anxiety can cause constricted breathing. Massage therapies can relieve this kind of respiratory problems and train the body how to relax better.


Additionally, massage therapies can provide relief for headache/migraine, osteoarthritis and back, muscle and neck pain.


As the number of health benefits increases, so does our range of treatments. At AcuPhysioHealth, we offer various types of massage therapy in Auckland to help patients achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Before setting an appointment, you may consult one of our therapists to determine if a massage therapy would be beneficial for you.

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