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Addressing Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy

Addressing Lower Back Pain with Physiotherapy

About one in five New Zealanders suffer from chronic back pain issues. Chronic back pain is also one of the top reasons for seeking the best professionals in Acuphysiohealth: Physiotherapy South Auckland region. Chronic back pain severely affects the quality of life with limitations in mobility and psychological distress.

Prompt attention with back exercises, appropriate self-care and physiotherapy can help prevent the worsening of pain and manage the condition better. When neglected for a long period of time, the back pain can worsen leading to other serious issues including sciatica, degenerative disc conditions or spinal stenosis.

Seeking the help of the most competent professionals in Acuphysiohealth: Physiotherapy South Auckland region has on offer is important to address chronic back pain.

Your physiotherapist will address the back pain with a detailed and accurate assessment and a phased treatment protocol.

Relieving pain: Pain is the symptom that makes people seek physiotherapy and this is also the symptom that can be relieved first. In the first phase of treatment, your physiotherapist will use a combination of acupuncture, electrotherapy, ice and soft tissue massage to bring pain relief.

Restoration of strength and range of movement: After obtaining pain relief, you may feel much better but this is also the phase which increases your risk of further injury to the back. In the second phase, the physiotherapist will concentrate on treating the underlying causes by stabilising the lower abdomen muscles that support the back. In addition, the physiotherapy protocol includes normalising the range of motion in the lumbar spine, working on gait, balance, length and resting tension of muscles.

Restoration of function: In the third phase, the physiotherapist will customise the back rehabilitation exercises to suit your specific needs and condition. Restoration of the full range of function of the back to allow you to get back to resume your usual activity level is the physiotherapist’s objective.

Preventing a relapse: Your physiotherapist will work with you to identify the specific back exercises that will be required to prevent any further relapse of the back pain. Exercises for both short and long-term prevention are prescribed at this stage.


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